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Block Island Sprint Triathlon

Info: Block Island Sprint Triathlon, Block Island, RI 1/4 mile swim, 4 mile run, 12 mile bike
Date: Sat 8/1/2015 at 9am
Location: Block Island RI
Timing By: Platt Timing Systems
Web Site:
Online Registration: Online Registration ONLINE REGISTRATION  Online Registration
Notes: 1/4 mile swim, 4 mile run, 12 mile bike

The start is at Fred Benson town beach - you will enter the water & swim 1/4 mile around buoys. Swimmers will exit the water and run to the bike transition in the front of the beach pavilion. The 12 mile bike consists of 2 laps which take you out around the west side of the island and back to the pavilion - please be aware of traffic and helmets are mandatory. Follow the day-glow orange markers on the right side of the road.
Bikers will return to the pavilion and begin the 4 mile run to the end of Surf Beach and back up to the end of Mansion Beach. Runners will head back to Town beach to the finish line. There are 3 water stops on the beach run - town beach (there & back) & the Mansion Beach turn around point.


14 and under
60 and over

Racers only in the transition area.

Race instructions will be provided at 8:45am at the start. The start is south of the pavilion

All women will start first followed by the men. Start with your age group.

Age groups can be identified by color cap and age on right calf muscle.

Before entering the water individuals must go around a flag that will be located by the waters edge

Racers must swim around two buoys that are located in front of the pavilion. Out, parallel to the beach, and back in.
Leaving the beach after your swim and run and entering the beach for your run will be located on the north side of the pavilion,
The bike heat consists of 2 laps. After the 2nd lap, back track to return to the pavilion. After taking your second right at the cemetery you will take your second left after reaching the top of the hill where you will see a police officer to head back to the beach.

Park your bikes at the bike rack in your numbered space and enter the beach on the left side of the building, same side after the swim.

Participants may not ride their bike in the transition area.
Take a right down the beach (south). The turning point, a flag, will be just past the water stop. Then backtrack all the way to the other end of the beach, mansion beach where you will find your second turn around point.

The finish will be located at the transition path next to the building.

This event will be scored by Platt Systems using the Champion Chip Timing System. All competitors will be issued a rental computer chip which is attached to the ankle using a Velcro strap and worn throughout the race. All rental chips must be returned at the finish line. The chip number must match the bib number.

Awards will be done an hour after the first racer crosses the line. Awards will be held in front of the pavilion.

Results will be posted at .

Photos will be posted of all racers at

STARTING SEQUENCE (by cap color)

Womens Start Sequence

9:00am- White (1)
9:01am Lt Blue, Orange (2)
9:02am Purple (3)
9:03am Green (4)
9:04am Neon (5)
9:05am Black/Red (6)
9:06am Pink/Yellow (7)

Mens Start Sequence

9:12am White (8)
9:13am Lt Blue (9)
9:14am Orange(10)
9:15am Purple (11)
9:16am Green (12)
9:17am Neon (13)
9:18am Black (14)
9:19am Pink, Yellow, Red (15)
Contact: Block Island Recreation

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