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Capital Region Indoor T&F Championships

Info: Capital Region Indoor T&F Championships, Hartford Public High School , Hartford CT
Date: Sun 2/2/2020 at 11:30 am
Location: Hartford CT
Timing By: Platt Timing Systems
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Online Registration: Online Registration ONLINE REGISTRATION  Online Registration
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Notes: 1. Athlete meet entry limits
Each team to have three (3) entries per event
Additional entries allowed by athletes meeting Class S qualifying standard
Specifically, a team can have more than three entries per event if the additional
entries meet the Class S standard.

2. One relay team in each event, no entry standard

3. Entries must include Proof Of Performance (for seeding purposes)

4. Athletes may be entered with no POP, but those athletes shall be seeded with no performance listed and shall not be seeded higher than any athlete with a recorded POP.

5. Each athlete may be entered in three individual events OR one or two individual events plus any number of relays; relays may have up to six names listed; an athlete is a competitor when he or she is listed on the day of the meet as a member of that relay. (Same as state meet entry rules.)

6. Athletes shall be entered into the data-entry system per the pre-meet instructions, which shall be disseminated at least 14 days prior to the meet. Once entries are published, no changes may be made, but scratches may be made at any time.

7. Once the deadline for athlete registration has passed, meet director will review entries and contact coaches in case of issues or potential errors. Entries will be published no later than three days before the meet.

8. All events shall be contested if there are athletes entered; no events shall be combined by gender.
Contact: Jonathan Winer

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