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Block Island Half Marathon

Info: Block Island Half Marathon, Benson Town Beach, Block Island, RI
Date: Sun 10/7/2018 at 11:30 am
Location: Block Island RI
Timing By: Platt Timing Systems
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Notes: Block Island Half Marathon -

This half marathon will begin and end at the Fred Benson Town Beach Pavilion. The beginning of the race heads north in a flat stretch followed by a gentle uplift to some steeper hills and turns. Runners will see the Great Salt Pond, beach dunes, The North Lighthouse and much more.

At the North Light,turn back and get ready for a challenging loop around the beautiful west side of the island. Lots of hills and turns. Rolling pastures, stone walls, farmhouses and the beautiful blue Atlantic are the backdrop.

The last stretch takes you down Airport Hill and back to the Town Beach.
Contact: Block Island Recreation David Sniffen

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