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Scrooge Scramble 5K Road Race

Info: Scrooge Scramble 5K Road Race, Cornerstone Foundation, Prospect and School St, Rockville, CT, 10:30 am
Date: Fri 12/25/2015 10:30:00 AM at 10:30 am
Location: Rockville CT
Timing By: Platt Timing Systems
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Online Registration: Online Registration ONLINE REGISTRATION  Online Registration
Application: Race Application
Course Map: Course Map
Notes: Donation Requested:

Any Dollar Amount Welcome, Canned Food, T-shirts, Paper Goods

Print out application and mail to

Platt Systems
41 Steele Farm Dr
Manchester, CT 06042

Timing provided by Plattsys Timing using the Chronotrack Bib-Tag System

The timing tag is a part of the bib number, which must be worn on the torso, pinned to the outer layer of clothing.

Bibs must be fully visible at all times (not cut, folded, or obscured).

5k route Dec 25th 2015:

Start at Prospect/School Streets @ telephone pole outside of Cornerstone Shelter; Proceed down Prospect St to 1st stop sign ; Continue long Prospect to corner of Ellington Ave.; Take right onto Ellington Ave; Run up Ellington Ave past several Stop Signs/intersections; Run along Ellington Ave to turnaround which will be manned and coned ; Run down Ellington Ave. At mail box on right # 92 this is 2.0 m ; At intersection of Ellington Ave (it ends here), take left onto Prospect St ; Take right onto Park and run down the hill; Take left onto School Street; Run up School Street to finish at telephone pole
Contact: Janit Romayko

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