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Hartford Middle School T&F Championships

Info: Hartford Middle School T&F Championships, HPHS, Hartford, CT
Date: Sun 3/8/2015 at 2pm
Location: Hartford CT
Timing By: Platt Timing Systems
Web Site:
Notes: Meet Rules
Each Athlete has been assigned a race number to be worn on their chest.

Shot Put Throws no attempts measured less than 16'-Girls and 19'-Boys.

Long Jumps no attempts measured less than 10'-Girls and 12'-Boys.

Athletes can wear spikes 1/8 or 3/16" spikes only

PREFERRED LANE ASSIGNMENT for races involving turns: 3,2,4,1

Order of Events (note 55m prelims and finals schedule)

Field Events:
2:00pm Start
Long Jump -- (boys then girls)
Shot Put -- (girls then boys)

Shot Put - 4 Throws to Finals
Long Jumps - 4 Jumps to Finals

Track Events: Start at 2:30PM

Girls then Boys unless noted otherwise.

55m Dash (Prelims) top 6 to finals
55 hh (FINALS)
55m Dash (FINALS)
4x4 Lap Relay
4x1 Lap Relay
800m Run
200m Dash
4x2 Lap Relay

Team Scoring and Awards:

1st 3rd Place Athlete Ribbons (boys & girls)

Scoring: Six (6) place scoring shall be used in this meet (10-8-6-4-2-1)

Team Championship Trophies

Contact Info:
Meet Director, Lee Hunt
Cell phone: (860) 922-5472
Contact: Lee Hunt
 860- 922-547

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