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Plattsys Timing offers a full line of Finish Line Timing Services including Champion Chip, Finish Lynx, and Chronotrack Bib-Tag Timing.

We are runners with over twenty years of timing experience ...    that is why ...   we are ...   A Step Ahead from the START

Let us help you with your event: whether it is a local 5K Road Race or a major Marathon... Triathlons, Duathlons, Track & Field Meets, Cross Country Meets, Bike Races.

  • Finish Lynx Track Timing
  • Chronotrack B-Tag (Chip in the Bib)
  • Identi Lynx Full Frame Video Timing
  • Champion Chip Timing
  • Hy-Tek Meet Manager Track Scoring
  • Chronomix & Micro Graph Display Boards

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Road Race Standard Features
  • Computerized Timing & Results
  • Digital Display Clock
  • Video Recording of the Race Finish
  • Results posted online at
  • Chute and Cones for Finish line management
  • Race information posted to our website
  • Day-of-race data entry
  • Advertising on Facebook
  • Inflatable Finish Line Arch
  • Overhead Bridge for Finish Line
  • Real-Time Results posted LIVE during race
  • Music and Portable PA System
  • Online Registration Setup
  • Race Bibs
  • USATF Course Certification

Platt Cross Country Timing Service

  • Bib-Chip Timing
  • FinishLynx Photo Finish for proper placement
  • IdentiLynx Full Frame Video for easy review.

  • Platt Track & Field Timing Service

  • Finish Lynx
  • Hy-tek Meet Management
  • Daktronic Display Boards
  • Wind Gauges
  • Online Entry Services

  • Live reporting and video screening of finish line are now available.

    Race Management services include, but are not limited to assistance in race planning, race promotion and race coordination as well as Course Certification.

    Over Twenty-Five Years Timing Experience

    First Timing Service in Northeast to utilize Chip Technology - 1996

    From Finish Lynx Blog - Ken Platt - Platt Systems (9/28/1992)
    Since becoming customer #4 in 1992, Ken Platt has carved out a strong timing niche across New England.

    Ken’s timing service, Platt Systems (Plattsys), times up to 150 races per year and shows no sign of slowing down. Ken has been a constant early adopter in the industry. He was not only one of the first FinishLynx timers, but also one of the first to use Chip timing back in 1996.

    Ken is also an avid runner and has completed an astounding 43 marathons, including 10 finishes under 2:40.

    Ken added, “Lynx photo-finish systems have completely revolutionized the timing of sporting events around the globe. We are proud to have been one of the first investors.”

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    Hy-Tek Meet Manager


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