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CSC Indoor T&F Championships



2013 Boys and Girls Indoor Track Championship Meet

January 18, 2013, 4:30 p.m.


Rules and Procedures

A.      High School Federation Rules shall govern all contests where applicable and/or as amended by the CIAC and the Constitution State Conference.

B.      Timing for the CSC Championship Meet will be FAT.

C.      Entry Limitations:

a.       A TEAM is eligible to compete in the CSC Championship Meet if the team has participated in at least two (2) track meets in the current indoor season.  NO club team members may participate in the CSC Championship Meet.

b.      An athlete may be entered in five (5) events, however may only participate in four (4).  No athlete may be entered in more than four (4) individual events.  Entry as an alternate counts as one of the athlete’s five (5) events.

c.       All schools may enter up to two (2) athletes per event.  A team may enter more than this allowance per event if ALL athletes entered have met the Special Standards for that event.  The Special Standards will be equal to the last scoring performance in each individual event from the 2012 CSC Championship Meet.

d.      All schools may enter one (1) team per relay event.  No “B” teams allowed.

D.      Field Events

a.       Long Jumpers and shot-putters will have three (3) attempts in the trials. The top 8 competitors will advance to the finals where three (3) more attempts will be given.

b.      Starting heights for the high jump will be 3’8” for the girls and 4’10” for the boys.

c.       Starting heights for the pole vault will be 5’6” for the girls and 7’0” for the boys.

E.       Registration

a.       Each school’s event registration must be entered by Noon (12:00 PM), Wednesday, January 16, 2013 on

b.      Amended on 01/07/13:  Original said:  Proof of Performances (POP) for ALL athletes must be submitted to Platt Systems by noon (12:00 PM), Sunday, January 10, 2013.  Amended as follows:  POP’s for ALL athletes can be uploaded to Platt Systems OR sent in a list format (Word or Excel) to Peter Leeds at by Wednesday, January 16, 2013.  Information must include date and location of the meet where the performance was achieved.

c.       POP’s are required for legitimate proof of performance.  Performances must be from meets, not practices.

d.      Scratches without penalty must be made no later than ten minutes before the start of the meet (4:20).

F.       Scoring and Awards

a.       Team scoring for individual events will be 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1.

b.      Team scoring for relay events will be 10, 8, 6, 4, 2.

c.       The ”CSC Indoor Track Championship” award (Boys and Girls) will be awarded to the participating team accumulating the most points.  A “Runners-Up” award will be presented to the second place team.  The winning team will also have their school name engraved on the “Travel Trophy,” which will also be housed at the Champions’ school until the next CSC Indoor Track Championship Meet.

d.      There will be a “Best in Track” and “Best in Field” award given to the athlete voted by the coaches to have been the best performers in the meet. (Boys and Girls)

e.      The top three (3) finishers in all events will receive medals.  Fourth through sixth place will be awarded ribbons.

f.        The top performers in each event will be named “All-Conference” and receive a patch and certificate honoring their performance.

G.      Officials/Field House

a.       Each school must provide a qualified individual to officiate an event.

b.      The building will be open at 3:45 PM and the track available for warm-ups at 4:00 PM.

c.       The Floyd Little Athletic Center has been a gracious host to our event for several years.  Please make sure your athletes, coaches and fans strictly adhere to the rules of the FLAC.  Food and beverages should never enter the floor of the arena.

d.      There will be an admission charge to all adults and students.   As is always the case at CSC Championships, Senior Citizens are admitted free as our guests.

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