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CSC Indoor Track Championships

CSC Indoor Track Championships


Friday, January 18, 2013

In at 3:45, start at 4:30


Order of Events (State Order)


4 x 200R (Boys then girls)

4 x 800R (Boys then girls)

55m Hurdles Trials (Boys then girls)

55m Dash Trials (Boys then girls)

1000 Meters (Boys then girls)

600 Meters (Boys then girls)

55m Hurdles Finals (Girls then boys)

55m Dash Finals (Girls then boys)

1600 Meters (Boys then girls)

Spring Medley (1-1-2-4 laps) (Boys then girls) 3 turn stagger

300 Meters (Boys then girls)

3200 Meters (Boys then girls)

4 x 400R (Boys then girls)


High Jump (Girls then boys) Five alive protocol (per CIAC rules)

Long Jump (Boys then girls)

Shot Put (Boys then girls)

Pole Vault (Girls then boys) Five alive protocol (per CIAC rules)


CSC Championship Caveats:


In the 55 meter dash and 55 meter high hurdles, finals only will be run if fewer than seven entries; per Federation Rules, the finals will be held when finals should be run, not when semi-finals are scheduled.


In the long jump and shot put, if there are fewer than seven entries, all athletes will get four attempts, no finals.


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