Sunday, February 9, 2020 Development Series Meet – 1

Follow Platt Systems On-Line Entry Procedures.

1. Enter Roster

2. Select Meet – Hartford Middle School Invi # 1 (Feb 9)

3. Enter your athlete with seed mark

Entry Deadline is Friday, February 7 @ 9:00pm


HMS meets are open to all Hartford middle school age boys & girls competing with their City middle school team. City Recreation Programs and City Residents are assessed entry fees and must contact the meet director for details to enter.

  1. Doors Open at 1:00pm

  2. $1.00 Entry Fee – all spectators

  3. Field Events begin at 2:00pm; Shot Put and Long Jump will start concurrently.

  4. Track Events start at 2:30pm

  5. The meet entries are managed by Platt Timing Systems using the website at


  1. Complete the Team Waiver/Roster Form. At ** WAIVER FORM ** . Please bring the completed form with you to the meet. You will not be able to receive your team's competition numbers without your completed waiver form.

  1. Follow Platt Systems On-Line Entry Procedures. Entry Deadline is Friday, Feb 7 @ 9:00pm


  1. Meets are held at the Hartford Public High School Field House (It is a four – lane 160-meter flat track, with 6 lanes on the straightaway.

Meet Rules: please pay special attention to the following

  1. Development Meets are considered practice meets

  2. Athletes can compete in any combination of four events; (2) two track and (2) two field events; or (3) track and (1) field events, etc

  3. Maximum of six (6) entries per school per event (exceptions may be granted for teams that exceed the limits because of roster size)

  4. Athletes can wear spikes 1/8” or 3/16" spikes only

Field Events (run concurrently) – 2:00pm

Long Jump

Shot Put (Girls – 2K, Boys – 3K)

High Jump

Track Events (in order) – 2:30pm


55m hh

55m dash




Development Meet -1 is Sunday Feb 9, 2020 at Hartford Public High School 55 Forest St Hartford

Doors Open @ 1:00PM Meet Director Lee Hunt Phone: 860 922-5472 Email: