Chip Purchase Form  @ WWW.PLATTSYS.COM 

Print Out this form and Mail to Platt Systems / 41 Steele Farm Dr / Manchester, CT 06042

Chip System is now used in over 75 races in Connecticut ... ... New Haven 20K / 5K ..... Hammerfest Triathlon ... Fairfield Half-Marathon.... Branford 5 Miler...  Madison Triathlon  ... Mystic River Valley Triathlon .. and many more.

Purchase One Chip For $35. Ownership will Pay for itself in one year !  Velcro Strap for Triathlons included...

Platt Systems Chip Purchase Form (PLATTSYS.COM)

        Make checks ($35) payable to "Platt Systems" and mail to:

Platt Systems, 41 Steele Farm Dr, Manchester, CT 06042

Name (please print): _________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

City __________________________ State ____  Zip _________ Phone ________________

Age  ______  Birth Date ____ / ____ / _____ Sex _____    Team: ______________________

Email: _____________________________

Signature of athlete: ________________________________________________________________________________
Conditions: I am the only person who may wear this Chip.  I will not give my assigned Chip to anyone.
Chip will be mailed to the above address free of Charge. Velcro Strap included for Triathlons

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