2001 HTC Cedar Hill Cemetery 4 Mile Run

Hartford, CT | Sun Feb 11, 2001 | Source: David Reik (P)

FEB 11, 2001 | 20 DEGREES | HARTFORD, CT
"The first finisher, an animated, short, bearded man who spoke loudly and with precise 
diction, identified himself as Declan McManus of  Princeton New Jersey.  After the run, 
he said, to Bill Katz and me, David Reik, "Excellent job marking the course, you guys."
When told that there were no prizes being given out, the first finisher said, "Good.
It's not a race; it's a  Winter Series event."  He suggested that, when we posted the 
results on Websites, we indicate that the event   was timed by "AstaDog Timing Service."
       TIME     S/A       NAME

	24:01	M36	Declan McManus, Princeton, NJ
	24:27	M40	Bill Thramann, Avon
	25:07	M34	Bill Ronalter, Plainville
	26:10	M	Charlie Szilagyi, Wethersfield
	26:43	M41	Michael Munroe, Manchester
	26:49	M50	Sal Mangiafico, Wethersfield
	27:45	M55	Jerry Augustine, Middletown
	27:53	M36	Martin Aligata, West Hartford
	28:47	M47	Chris Armen, Simsbury
	29:00	M30	Rafael Martinez, West Hartford
	30:53	M18	Brad Dorau, Manchester
	31:07	F27	Becky Sonstroem, Wethersfield
	31:25	M36	Alex Gordeuk, West Hartford
	32:43	M42	David Loiselle, Kensington
	33:56	F18	Grace Anderson, Meriden
	37:18	M46	Andy Anderson, Meriden
	37:56	F41	Eva Van Stratum, Wallingford
	39:51	M75	George S. Brown, West Hartford
	40:55	F28	Sarah Dodson, Glastonbury

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